Range of High Performance Connectors

Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide we offer a

comprehensive range of connectors and associated products for the Defence,

Aerospace, Marine and Industrial markets.


Our breadth of experience and knowledge enables us to provide you with advice and support on the optimum product for your application.

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Fast Factory

Quick Response & Turnaround

Through our supply partners we able to offer a ‘Fast Factory’ quick response and turnaround supply service to our customers, for key connector styles, including:


MIL-DTL-38999 Series III • EN 3645

MIL-DTL-26482 Series II

MIL-DTL-83723 Series I and III


Product ranges built in the ‘Fast Factory’ are offered on a 2 to 3 weeks lead-time for

quantities of up to 200 pieces and when required ‘Fast Factory’ is able to offer 48-hour production for small batches.


In addition to this, there is a low MOQ for these items with the aim of offering maximum flexibility, to help our customers supply logistics and order consolidation.


The ‘Fast Factory’ has its own dedicated teams. This facility serves industries such

as aerospace, defence and marine and also the rail market and all customers from

other industries requiring high performance connector products.


‘Fast Factory’ is a value added service provider for IS-Rayfast on Deutsch products to serve the European and EMEA markets. This hub and facility are capable of delivering and assembling on demand products.