We offer a comprehensive range of High Performance Wire and Cable for Harsh Environments

An extensive portfolio of wire and cable products are available in a wide range of conductor sizes, constructions and colours. The product range covers primary wire, screened and jacketed multi-core, airframe, coaxial, miniature and custom cables.


Typical characteristics include chemical and fluid resistance, lightweight, highly flexible and excellent electrical and mechanical performance. Temperature capabilities range from -65ºC to +260ºC allowing products to be used in a wide variety of markets and applications.


The current stock profile also contains a large selection of Aerospace wire and cables, including XLETFE, XLPE/XLPVDF and Hybrid constructions for use in the majority of today’s commercial and military aircraft fleets.

Typical Features & Benefits

- Chemical resistance

- Electrical insulation

- Fluid  and solvent resistance

- Flexibility

- Flame-retardant, Low smoke

- Lightweight

- Extreme temperature performance

- Materials available to suit a wide range of markets and applications


High Performance Wire & Cable

Selection of wire and cable for Aerospace, Defence, Marine and other challenging environment applications, where durable, light weight and strength is required.


Thin wall technology offering up to 33% space savings and up to 50% reduction in weight for your given wire bundle, compared to conventional wire.


Complete range of wires and cables for both commercial and military aerospace

applications, Airbus Group and Boeing approved.


Flexible high performance power cables.

Controlled Electrical Cables

Probably the lightest, toughest and most flexible range of wire and cable available for harsh environment applications.

Multicore Cable

Specialist application multicore cables for

tough environments and custom build solutions

for those special projects.